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We solve challenging problems with software.

Arc52 is a Minneapolis, MN based software developer. We specialize in building custom software solutions for medium-to-large-sized businesses and organizations.
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Our Clients

Recent Projects

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Blue Cross Blue Shield MA
In collaboration with the underwriting department, we designed and built a tablet app to assist insurance sales teams in showing customers the impact of plan adjustments.
Blue Zones Blue Zones
As Blue Zones' development partner, we built a scalable platform and mobile apps to power their innovative health assessment and coaching tools.

Our Services

Software Design
& Development

We combine modern technology and elegant user experience to create enterprise-class software. From planning and design to implementation and QA, our team will help you find the right solutions for your specific problems. We work with you to identify the key performance indicators needed to ensure the real-world needs of your organization are met.


Most organizations rely on several off-the-shelf solutions to solve the varied needs of their operations and teams. But these disparate systems can have unintented costs: they can wall off information and complicate workflows. We can improve the use of existing technology by integrating and customizing its role within your organization.


Good management requires good software, and good software requires good management. A common problem is the knowledge and communication gap between managers and software engineers. We can help you analyze your requirements and budgets, and set up systems to make sure your project creates value for your organization.